Agrolead Forage Chopper

Agrolead Forage Chopper is an ideal machine to harvest forage, alfalfa, flowering plants, beet leaves, carrot leaves etc.

The machine that has been equipped with transmission system that was designed to work at heavy conditions will meet your expectations properly even in the hardest conditions. Free independent rotor that composes two parts is made of special steel. Shape blades cause centrifugal power, this provides fixing position to wings during operation so the best harvesting is obtained even in the heaviest harvesting conditions.

If the blades expose to any stone or similar high resistance, it will act to prevent damage. Telescopic wheels assist the machine to forward in the wet ground without sinking. Remote control unit never requires maintenance and can work minimum power. Adjusting shape height is possible previously through adjusting screws.

The machine has been equipped by 3 point suspension system so it has a different format from its equivalents.

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