Agrolead Combined Thresher

AGROLEAD Combined Thresher can both work on pulley-belt system or by the use of a shaft. It works out wee, barley, oats, rye, and similar products productively and fast.

With additional devices you can harvest lentil chickpea; broad bean etc. and demanded type of straw for stock breeding, which can be gotten by changing the sieves. Crops become clean by two shaking systems. It is sacking. System that makes it comfortable to the user to put the ropes into a sack or to deliver them to a trailer which pulled at the back.

It brings an easy way of using by in the front mounted adjustable drawbar and fizzed drawbar at the back.

Agrolead Forage Chopper

Agrolead Forage Chopper is an ideal machine to harvest forage, alfalfa, flowering plants, beet leaves, carrot leaves etc.

The machine that has been equipped with transmission system that was designed to work at heavy conditions will meet your expectations properly even in the hardest conditions. Free independent rotor that composes two parts is made of special steel. Shape blades cause centrifugal power, this provides fixing position to wings during operation so the best harvesting is obtained even in the heaviest harvesting conditions.

If the blades expose to any stone or similar high resistance, it will act to prevent damage. Telescopic wheels assist the machine to forward in the wet ground without sinking. Remote control unit never requires maintenance and can work minimum power. Adjusting shape height is possible previously through adjusting screws.

The machine has been equipped by 3 point suspension system so it has a different format from its equivalents.

Agrolead Maize Harvester

Agrolead Single Row Maize Harvester never tires your tractor through its light structure and strong transmission system; presents more harvesting guarantee with less fuel. Single Row Maize Harvester can harvest only one corn row has full hydraulic system so it presents high level performance.

Its flywheel system composes 12 pieces cutter blade and 6 pieces thrower pallet. The cutting angles of blades have been designed specially. Harvesting unit composes 2 pieces transmission, 2 pieces shaft and torque gear, it requires the least maintenance in its class.

The tilting system on the machine makes provides leading long height corns and makes easy harvesting process. The leader has been equipped by mutually 4 pieces spring and 2 pieces special PVC material to lye corn that was cut by knurled circle blades. So, product waste is decreased to zero.

Harvesting height can be adjusted from tractor hydraulic arms. Telescopic wheel prevents fractioning the machine to ground. So, allowing foreign materials into the machine possibility minimized. The safety has been kept forefront at the machine, safety pin practice has been integrated into gear system to prevent possible damages.

Agrolead Disc Mower Conditioner Type

AGROLEAD Disc Mower Conditioner Type chops every type of grass herbs or different pasture plants with a high speed.

The discs are very close to the ground, thus it raises the productivity. It crops the herbs in such a way that they can be dried and collected easily. It gets the move from the P.T.O. shaft and makes the chopping by the help of knives that are turning on the mower.

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